Windows applications (assortment)

  • Database applications for different use in defence and medical purposes.
  • Management software for automotive garages: order entry and handling, specially tailored to the needs of garages.

SPS applications (assortment)

  • Medical facilities: Steering system for distillation of water including external displays.
  • Food industry: checking of euro palettes for damages.
  • Engine building: optical recognition of heart-shaped meal trays (3 pieces per second) and automatically turning of the trays to correct position at a band-conveyor.

Hardware development (assortment)

  • Deep-frozen industry: Replacement and manufacturing of a COTS-SPS by a specially designed control unit, which can be produced cost-effective and with less effort for installation.
  • Industrial PC:complete redesign of a 24V uninterrupted power supply (UPS).
  • Marine technology: Design, Engineering and manufacturing of a on-board computer for scientific use inside a naval buoy. Special attention has to be put on a minimal energy consumption (< 1 mA averaged), as the on-board battery pack has only limited capacity in order to provide a lifetime of at least one year. In order to do so, trajectory data was calculated to limit the power supply of the connected satellite modem for 2-way data communication.
  • Industrial Manufacturing: Design and development of complex inspection equipment for fully-automatic manufacturing.
  • Welding technology: synchronic control of different motor drivers for a fully-automatic welding system.
  • Safety technology: Creation of a concept for a redundant, bi-directional wireless connection which is able to establish connections even in difficult environments for first responders.
  • TV studio: adaption of different serial links to ensure simultaneously transmission of data